Forge of legendary artefacts handmade in France.

I am Leo - ring - saint seiya official

“Because each of us can be a hero”

  • The designer

    The designer

    Comic Book enthusiast and former dental technician, Maxime Macchi has been using his medical knowledge to develop his personal range of jewelry.

  • The brand

    The brand

    NOUS SOMMES DES HEROS (“We are heroes”) is a brand of high-end jewelry forged from noble metals. What makes these jewels special is that their entire surface is sculpted.

  • Le galaxium

    Le galaxium

    The products are cast in Galaxium, a virtually indestructible stainless alloy, unaffected by wear, anti-corrosion, and anti-allergenic.

  • Collaborations


    We can go further together… Discover our collaborations with artists from different cultures and horizons.

  • Gallery


    Discover our jewels glorified by Audience 33 photographers GBK and SLY.

  • The forge

    The forge

    The various stages of the process, from sculpture to polishing through metal-shaping, crimping and inlaying, is taking place at the designer’s studio in Aubagne (France).

Galaxium is a virtually indestructible stainless alloy, unaffected by wear, anti-corrosion, and anti-allergenic (99%).


Each model from the online shop can be customized, be it crimped with fine stones or precious stones, colored with touches of ceramic or embellished with another alloy.

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Tailor-made pieces

Ask for a free quote, then create your own model in collaboration with the designer.

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Most of the rings have a rotary locking system preventing it from getting loose. Galaxium : An alloy created by the designer.

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Galaxium is highly resistant to impact, unaffected by wear and corrosion, stainless and anti-allergenic. Upon request, we can use 18 carat gold, platinum, fine stones or precious stones,…

Made in France

All our jewels are handmade in our forge in Aubagne (France).

Online shopping

Order your jewels directly on our online shop.

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Safe payment


You can retrieve your order for free at the forge, or we can ship it by regular mail, all around the world.