logo-audience33Nous sommes des héros | Gilles Bonugli Kali & SLY – Audience 33

> Shooting jewels and models.

Gilles Bonugli is a talented photographer who recently exhibited his work at New York and cares about human being. From the mangrove in Bangladesh to the slopes in Courchevel (and to the « Burning Man » festival in the USA), he has been travelling all around the world to dazzle us with his wonderful pictures.

SLY has a gift for anything related to the pictures and videos (film making and post production) and  has been developing his talent and producing great pictures and videos for several years.

These two friends comprise the Audience 33 collective, which is promoting a simple but very important idea : DIVERSITY MAKES SENSE.

Nous sommes des héros is glad to collaborate with Audience 33. They are using their talent to embellish our jewels.

Rage_logoNous sommes des héros | Eric Peyron

> Artefacts creation from the « Rage Bane of Demons » comic book universe.

Artefact - statuette Rage

Born in Eric Peyron’s mind (the author) about 20 years

ago, and the Rage Bane of demons Graphic Novel has been published in 2012.The scenario’s dynamics brings us is constantly pushing the boundaries, with an almost constant suspense.

Eric Peyron met Maxime Macchi (Nous sommes des héros’ designer) in the end of 2014, during the Hero Festival which takes place in Marseille. He then contacted our team to create some Rage Special Collectors Items. Three artefacts have been born from this collaboration : the figurine, the pendent and the cameo.