We have created more than 20 models modelled on the DC Comics heroes thanks to our partnership with Warner Bros.

As each one of our artefacts, it is entirely handmade and custom-fitted in our forge at Aubagne, France

For the first time, we created gold-plated models

tiara dc comics wonderwoman wonder woman logo justice league

Tiara I am Wonderwoman – 100 ex. world wide

We have created Wonder Woman’s Tiara (life-size).
It is made of 200g of Bronze. We covered the inside of the Tiara with leather.
The Tiara lays on a wooden base.

Each Tiara is numbered.

I want more
I am Green Lantern
I am Batman

Our first discussions with Warner Bros occured in october 2015. Yes, we are working on this project for a long time  ;) This led to our visit of Warner Bros Parisian head quarter in june 2017 and the launch of presales on Ulule in october 2017.


I am Flash
ring pendent dc comics wonderwoman wonder woman logo justice league

We believe in the power of the will, in the power of ideas. They allow us to dream, create and get better. We think that they induce the feeling of happiness among the human being.

The jewels have a sentimental function. They bring back memories, a reminiscence, like Marcel Proust’s “madeleine”. Because we associate, consciously or not, a person, a thing, a place, an experience…
Wearing a jewel activates these memories.

We are convinced that we all have a skillset, a quality that makes us unique and that it is up to each one of us to reveal it. We would like to spread this idea in order to improve the world around us thanks to jewelry.

Each jewel is at the same time a reflect of this philosophy and of our savoir-faire, which is totaly new in jewelry.

Maxime’s skills allow us to cast extremely resistant jewels, with a nearly sublime design and quality. These artefacts will get through ages, like masterpieces sculpted with care by Man’s hand.

Our limit is your imagination.