Galaxium is a virtually indestructible cosmic alloy, developed and patented by « Nous sommes des héros ».


Maxime Macchi, blacksmith and creator of the brand « Nous sommes des héros », has developed this alloy after years of research. According to legend, he would have created it using ancient parchments he found in the mines of the Garlaban mountains.

What can be told is that he applied his skills and knowledge about prosthetics and super-heroes to create this ultimate alloy.


Galaxium is an alloy made from chromium and cobalt, with maybe some traces of molybdenum, silicon and carbon. All of these elements used to create Galaxium, come from suppliers approved by the French health department.

This alloy has been created to gather the following properties :
Extreme resistance
Antiallergenic properties (99%)
Due to the alloy’s extreme resistance, our blacksmith had to use specific techniques and appropriate materials to sculpt it : ovens whith a heating capacity of up to 1200°C, a blowtorch with a heating capacity of uo to 2000°C, specific drills… 

But according to our sources, the main characteristic of Galaxium is its ability to reveal the power hidden in each of us.