Nous sommes des héros (« We are heroes ») is a brand of high-end jewelry forged from noble metals. Its creator, Maxime Macchi, has been designing unique jewels based on super-heroes in his workshop in Aubagne (France). The helmets of these super-heroes have been turned into elegant rings. Their weapons, into fine pendants. What makes these rings special is that their entire surface is sculpted.

The jewels have been cast in Galaxium, a virtually indestructible alloy, unaffected by wear and corrosion.
The rings have been designed to fit the finger without interfering in everyday life. Most of these rings feature a rotary locking system preventing it from getting loose.

« Nous sommes des héros » offers a wide range of heroes. Each model can be customized : it can be crimped with fine stones or precious stones, colored with touches of ceramic, or embellished with another alloy.

It is also possible to create customized pieces.

Each item of jewelry is numbered, signed and delivered in a high quality jewelry case. Never before seen, and Made in France.